Prechtl’s Method of the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements

Available courses: Advanced (Type B) and Basic
Location: Cairns
Dates: Saturday, 27 July to Monday, 29 July 2024

The Basic Course

The Basic Course provides an introduction to Prechtl’s Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements in young infants. This new assessment method has shown its merit for the prenatal and postnatal evaluation of the integrity of the nervous system. Compelling evidence is now available that qualitative assessment of General Movements (GMs) at a very early age is the best predictor for cerebral palsy. This method has become a potent supplement to the traditional kind of neurological examination.

The Advanced Course B

The Advanced GMA course B is a three day course for participants who are already engaged in applying Prechtl’s Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements. The Advanced Course Type B will deal with the details of the assessment, the proper terminology and technique, as well as with the application of individual developmental trajectories.

Main topics of lectures, demonstrations and exercises are:

  • The ontogeny of spontaneous motor activity;
  • Normal and abnormal GMs from birth to 20 weeks post-term;
  • Practical instructions for recording and assessment of GMs;
  • GMs and follow-up: individual developmental trajectories and their predictive power for later neurological impairments.

The Advanced Course B will provide specific training on detailed scoring of both the Motor Optimality Score (MOS) during the fidgety period and General Movements Optimality Score (GMOS) during the writhing period. in correct judgement. Participants will be expected to bring some of their own videos.

Who should attend?

Medical specialists, neonatologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and other professionals in the field of infant neurology. Participation in the Advanced Course is possible only for individuals who successfully passed a Basic Training Course held under the auspices of the GM-Trust (

The courses fulfil the standards specified by the GM-Trust ( For more information please visit the official website.